Graphic Design + Art Direction + Illustration
Budapest / Felsőtárkány, Hungary
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I’m Péter Hegyi, alias Hegyko Hegyusz. I’ve been working as a graphic designer for 17 years, and from that I was engaged mainly with designing book covers in the last 10 as a freelancer.

Meanwhile I planned covers for girl books, cookbooks, pulp fictions, bestsellers, mysteries, poetry and literature, history books, memoirs and popular psychology. / jaffa.hu, cicerokonyvstudio.hugabo.hu, europakiado.hu, kossuth.hu, pagony.hu, libri.libricsoport.hu /  Not only one became bestseller and several of them were voted to the list of the “10 most beautiful book cover” on various book-blogs. (Gábor Szendi, Imre Csernus, Elmore Leonard).

I consider it important to have smart, handsome and forward-looking design, which shall not only reflect the book’s theme and atmosphere, but should be also an important marketing tool that addresses the audience. And even something more than these.

I design in addition packaging, websites, posters, logos, brochures and wine labels. I prepare also illustrations and I spent a nice few years with creating bicycle design for Gepida bikes. / gepida.hu / If you are interested in these works you can also visit this page: imakegraphic.com (under construction)

Are you interested in working with me? Do not hesitate to contact me here.

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